EMS, a leading innovator of learning management technologies, announces seamless MEDIASHAREiQ migration and powerful incentives for users of sunsetting Ensemble Video platform.

Last month, Ensemble Video announced they were acquired, as well as the eventual sunsetting of their lecture capture platform. This means big changes for Ensemble users. If your school or organization is among them, you may be exploring alternatives to an automatic migration into the incumbent video management system.

Now is the perfect time to discover MEDIASHAREiQ!

The leading lecture capture and video management solution for K-12 and higher education institutions, Education Management Solutions’ (EMS) MEDIASHAREiQ offers an innovative, intuitive set of tools to enhance every aspect of your school or district’s in-person, virtual, and hybrid educational initiatives. Recording lessons, lectures, and learning content is as easy as clicking a button, whether from a classroom, an office, at home, or in the field. Teachers can assign course materials and students can review recorded content remotely, on the fly, or while performing out-of-class assignments.

MEDIASHAREiQ users enjoy video and content management; video and lecture recording; live streaming and conferencing; courses, assignments, and assessments; powerful companion apps; and native LMS integration. And with MEDIASHAREiQ’s advanced HyFlex functionality, schools are empowered to quickly shift education into a hybrid, in-class, and virtual classroom blended environment.

“If your organization is facing disruptions and downtime due to the sunsetting of Ensemble Video, or you’re re-examining your short and long-term educational needs and requirements, MEDIASHAREiQ is here to help,” says Anurag Singh, President, and CEO, EMS. “Delivering unparalleled functionality and flexibility for classroom, online, and hybrid environments, MEDIASHAREiQ is the ideal solution for immersive, engaging learning experiences. And with our major Ensemble migration incentives, multiple deployment options, and best-in-class support, it’s easy to see why forward-thinking institutions are switching to MEDIASHAREiQ.”


MEDIASHAREiQ migration incentives include:

  • Discounts for current Ensemble Video users
  • Additional capabilities, including support for HyFlex environments and expanded video assessments

Ready to upgrade from Ensemble Video? MEDIASHAREiQ offers a seamless, affordable migration process that ensures your school is ready for its educational delivery needs today—and tomorrow.

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