K-12 Education Solutions

K-12 Education Solutions

MEDIASHAREiQ™ enhances K-12 learning through video

Flexible K-12 Solutions That Adapt to Your Education Needs

Video Capture and Course Management

With MEDIASHAREiQ's innovative lecture capture and video management technology, your school or district's educational experience becomes increasingly flexible. Recording lectures and learning content is as easy as clicking a button, whether from a classroom, an office, or in the field. Teachers can assign course materials and learners can review recorded content remotely, on the fly, or while performing out-of-class assignments.

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Flipped Classroom Learning

MEDIASHAREiQ simplifies educational content creation and delivery to facilitate dynamic flipped classroom and blended learning environments for students. Leveraging the best lecture recording, video, and course management software on the market, you are able to give your students all the resources they need to learn independently—anytime, anywhere.

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Online & Remote Learning

MEDIASHAREiQ facilitates synchronous and asynchronous online learning by taking its next-generation cloud-based technology to the next level. It combines an integrated cloud-based solution with a suite of easy to use companion apps that provide an extended feature set for remote and blended learning needs. Learners enjoy seamless accessibility, asset management, and on-demand delivery of interactive education and training content that extends well beyond traditional learning environments.

Live Streaming

With MEDIASHAREiQ's HD-quality video streaming, you can establish a standardized learning framework across your entire student base. Deliver an experience that improves engagement and ensures that all learners can participate in live lectures. Count on MEDIASHAREiQ for secure, stable broadcasts shared with any learner audience, no matter the size.

Enhanced Learner Accessibility, Engagement, and Assessment

MEDIASHAREiQ makes it easy for teachers and instructional designers to create and share dynamic educational content. Enhance learner engagement, accelerate performance, and improve learning outcomes with cloud-based video and course management. Organize and edit media content with optimized text and spoken-word search, tagging and rating, and commenting capabilities, combined with in-video quizzing and assessments.

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Flexible, Budget-Friendly, Seamless Integration...

Flexible, Budget-Friendly, Seamless Integration...

Get a Demo of MEDIASHAREiQ

Get a Demo of MEDIASHAREiQ

Experience a powerful all-in-one hybrid video education, training, and communications platform.

Experience MEDIASHAREiQ’s powerful all-in-one video education, training, and communications platform with a live product demo.