Corporate Training Solutions

MEDIASHAREiQ™ Strengthens Corporate Training and Communications

Scale and Streamline With Advanced
Corporate Training Solutions

Scale and Streamline With Advanced Corporate Training Solutions

Enhanced Employee Communications

Companies spend significant resources maintaining relationships with external stakeholders. But what about internal ones? Consistent, Corporate Training Solutions engaging internal communications from executive-level staff and HR representatives can help boost employees' job knowledge, increase productivity, and improve morale. Business leaders use MEDIASHAREiQ's smart video capture system to record audio or video communications on-demand, upload supporting documents, and then securely share content via email or a social collaboration app. Whether you're capturing an announcement from the CEO, live streaming a quarterly meeting, or updating a policy or procedure, MEDIASHAREiQ Corporate Training Solutions make it easy to streamline employee communications. > Learn More About Enhanced Employee Communications

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Onboarding and Corporate Training Solutions

While new hire onboarding and ongoing professional development are key to attracting and retaining the best employees, many employers find training to be cost prohibitive and struggle to fit it into their workflow—or even wonder how to record training videos. MEDIASHAREiQ's intuitive enterprise video content management interface lets you expand the knowledge base of all employees using video capture system while remaining both cost-efficient and user-friendly. Simply and easily create and share on-demand courses and videos, interactive content, slides, and on-screen content that can be accessed anywhere with our video capture system. Want to make sure your training is effective? Leverage quizzes and polls, review grades, and ensure your employees are developing the product and job knowledge they need to thrive. > Learn More About Onboarding and Corporate Training

Live Streaming and Two-Way Conferencing

Nearly two-thirds of companies today employ remote workers—and those that don't risk higher turnover and may be unable to attract tomorrow's top talent. With MEDIASHAREiQ's HD-quality video streaming, you can establish a standardized, companywide experience that improves communication and ensures that all employees can participate in meetings and events. And while most event capture and conferencing apps require participants to install specialized software to view live video content, videos streamed via MEDIASHAREiQ are accessible with any internet-connected device. Count on MEDIASHAREiQ for secure, stable broadcasts shared with any audience, no matter the size. > Learn More About Live Streaming and Two-Way Video Conferencing

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Customer Care/Lifecycle Programs

Every company strives to streamline business processes and increase efficiency. This is especially true for customer support workflows: the time it takes to successfully complete a help ticket impacts customer satisfaction. MEDIASHAREiQ gives your support staff seamless, searchable access to information that reinforces their processes, enabling them to troubleshoot and collaborate more effectively—boosting productivity while accelerating the pace of business and keeping customers satisfied. And with sharable, interactive media at their fingertips, your support and sales teams can connect with customers throughout the lifecycle. Utilize MEDIASHAREiQ's powerful content management technology to complete customer onboarding, provide updates on the latest product features and functionality, educate and train, and regularly engage for better retention and more frequent upsells. > Learn More About Customer Care and Lifecycle Programs

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Sales Enablement

When it comes to sales, consistency matters to potential customers—and your bottom line. Leverage the MEDIASHAREiQ video and content library to ensure your sales team has the resources they need to succeed in the field, including the latest product documentation, video demos and presentations, on-demand or live-streamed educational content, and pricing information. MEDIASHAREiQ's robust filtering and tagging algorithm makes searching for – and updating – specific content a snap. Training new sales team members or providing professional development for your current reps? With MEDIASHAREiQ, you can create and share enterprise video content that enhances agile sales training, track progress with quizzes and polls, and keep your team up-to-date with the latest product features and functionality. No matter how large your sales team is, MEDIASHAREiQ makes it easy to scale your training and save costs without compromising on quality. > Get Started With Sales Enablement

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Learn the Top 6 Features to Look for in a Video Platform for your lecture capture and video content management needs.