Municipal and Utility

Municipal and Utility

Municipal and Utility

Facilitate online training and video communications
for municipal employees and utility workforces
Facilitate online training and video communications for municipal employees and utility workforces

Online Video Training, Asset Management, and Communications Hub

Municipal employees and utility workforces require various forms of training and on-boarding, and they benefit greatly from geographic and system-access flexibility. MEDIASHAREiQ is a powerful enterprise video capture, asset management, and online training platform with robust features, including high quality video recording and sharing, live streaming, and a permissions-based video library. It leverages a secure, cloud infrastructure and supports a wide variety of system integrations.

Municipal and Utility

Keep Your Employee Workforces
Running at Peak Performance

Simply and easily create, edit, and share video, media, and live-streamed content from PC, Mac, or mobile devices.

Flexible Audio-Video Capture

With MEDIASHAREiQ organizations are able to quickly and easily leverage high definition (HD) digital audio and video capture. They can accelerate training and communications with multi-screen capture, live recordings of meetings, conferences, and events, and an automated synch back to the centralized media archive. All backed by the security of an EMS-managed cloud-based infrastructure equipped with automated backup of all video recordings.

Mobile Playback and Live Stream Conferencing

Keep employees engaged even when they're training, meeting, or communicating remotely. MEDIASHAREiQ's HD-quality mobile capture, video playback, and live streaming helps you establish a standardized experience that improves engagement and ensures all parties can participate in trainings, meetings, and organizational events. > Learn more about Mobile App Suite


Video and Asset Management

With MEDIASHAREiQ's intuitive user interface, robust tagging and search features, live streaming and video conferencing, and multimedia accessibility, end-to-end video asset management to support employee training, collaborating, and communications has never been easier.

Automate Video Conference and Meeting Recordings

Need to record a reoccurring conference, meeting, or training session? MEDIASHAREiQ helps you automate your entire video recording and management process: seamlessly record using previously installed or new MEDIASHAREiQ AV equipment, and then view, edit, bookmark, and annotate videos with a compatible device. > Learn more about automated recording

Analytics and Integrated Quizzes and Assessments

Struggling to monitor your learners' retention and performance in real-time? With MEDIASHAREiQ, it's easy to link integrated quizzes and assessments back to course content and bookmarks, and automatically track quiz and performance scores for individual learners, courses, and classes.

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Flexible, Budget-Friendly, Seamless Integration...

Flexible, Budget-Friendly, Seamless Integration...

Get a Demo of MEDIASHAREiQ

Get a Demo of MEDIASHAREiQ

Experience a powerful all-in-one hybrid video education, training, and communications platform.

Experience MEDIASHAREiQ’s powerful all-in-one video education, training, and communications platform with a live product demo.